Ever feel like you're a bad girlfriend ? Join da club. This one is for those slowly embracing the learning curve of loving another human bean.

Designed by @holefullofrats. Based off of Artemisia Gentileschi's "Judith Slaying Holofernes" from 1612 depicting herself as Judith, and her r****t as Holofernes. 50 percent of proceeds go to a local Asian women's shelter.

Artist's statement: "Channeling rage and pain" 

A play on words, perhaps ?

Post traumatic breakup I would give my local nude beach a visit like,,every other day. There was something freeing about your bare ass on some uncomfortable rocks. Also lots of men would come up and talk to me probably because of my impressive conversational skills they could spot from afar.

My protector @quyen.mp4 in the sky of Texas.




Oakland, California